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May 04, 2022 

To say that these last couple of years was filled with hair pulling issues would be an understatement. I could have gave up despite everything that was against me, but I didn’t. 

What would a Wasted Wax release be without an error or mistake of some sort anyway?! I’ll even compile said mistakes in a post one day! For now I’ll just tell you my recent one! 

Last year I submitted the colours for the Somebody Down There Likes Me and Widows LPs. I did the exact thing earlier this year completely forgetting I already did that. The variants advertised and shown on our website are the latter selection and not what you all are getting. We have updated the website accordingly. All the swirl variants will be replaced in kind as will the solid colour LPs.

I know most won’t care but we do offer refunds for the people that do. And because of my blunder, I’m bumping the release date of May 27th to May 7th for you beautiful Waster supporters.  

Have a rad Wednesday everyone!


February 17, 2022 

🚨WWR UPDATE! Projects are moving nicely now and here is the latest news we have for you beautiful people!

WASTED 030 - Ristrikt - CD/DVDs are on the way to us and the stampers have finally made it in!! Tests coming soon!

WASTED 031 - The Pagans of Northumberland - Stampers have also finally made it in!! Tests coming soon!

WASTED 033 - Forbidden Dimension - Round 3 of tests were a success and is now in the final pressing stage! 

Three other projects have already been submitted this year and are now in motion. There are 6 more to submit within the next few months and a few more by the end of the year so buckle up! Details to come in due time!


February 13, 2022 

Technical issues have been sorted and we are now live for the Pagans of Northumberland LP preorder! Sorry for the delay!


February 8, 2022 

Happy vinyl release day...again! The Hockey Moms LP is in and shipping out! Only 11 left in the store! 


January 14, 2022 

Happy Iron Tusk / The Knot No Howz vinyl release day!!!


January 2, 2022 

Hi everyone! Just wanted to throw out a massive thank you to all the supporters of the label in 2021! The stores, the bands, our sister labels, distributors, and all the beautiful fans of the music scene we all love. In a rough year, you’ve all helped keep this label and passion of mine alive and I have nothing but sincere gratitude for that. ❤️
The curse of making records in 2021 was very real for us and many others and sadly it has trickled into 2022 for WWR. With that said, here is a complete update for our current projects in production, horribly behind schedule:
WASTED 028 - Hockey Moms LP. Everything is pressed and ready to go. Sadly the supplier mistakenly printed the jackets with the template showing on them and are currently getting new ones to us. Expect these soon!
WASTED 029 - Iron Tusk/The Knot No Howz EP. Just the download cards remaining! Expect these soon as well!
WASTED 030 - Ristrikt LP. This one is still going to be awhile. It has been a big project from the start and everyone involved is ensuring we give you the great products you deserve. 
WASTED 031 - Pagans of Northumberland LP. Waiting on stampers from the overwhelmed provider. 😬
WASTED 033 - Forbidden Dimension Sin Gallery LP. This one hurts a bit. The two different sets of stampers have proved that the mothers have been damaged and a new side will need to be cut. No idea of timeline as of yet. 
Lastly, I want you all to spread as much love to each other as possible. Give your friends courtesy calls. Let’s all look out for each other closely. We all need it more than ever right now. 
All my love,

December 15, 2021 

Ristrikt - We Are All Just Human LP and and more, including other LPs are now available for preorders!

Ristrikt-AD (1).jpg

November 15, 2021 

Forbidden Dimension - Sin Gallery LP and more will be up for presale on December 4th, 2021 at 12:00 pm MST!!


November 13, 2021 

The Hockey Moms - Warming Up The Van LP is now up for preorder!


October 30, 2021 

The Iron Tusk / The Know No Howz 12" EP is now up for preorder!


September 20, 2021 

Due to the postponement of Propagandhi’s tour, we’ve decided to pull the ticket giveaway from the contest indefinitely. We want to ensure all winners take home a guaranteed tangible prize. As a replacement, we’ve added an SNFU - “Blessing” test press alongside the three SNFU flags to be won by one of you! One purchase = one entry. Contest


September 6, 2021 

🚨CONTEST TIME!! For the entire month of September, every purchase made will be entered into a draw where we will be giving away 3 SNFU flags (purchased from Chase The Glory Tattoos and Records) and 1 ticket to the Propagandhi show in Calgary on Tuesday October 5th!


1 order = 1 entry

Draw date for the flags will be held on October 1st while the Propagandhi ticket (available to Canadian participants only) will be drawn on September 24th.


September 3, 2021 

Happy Friday everyone, it's time for an update!


As many of you are aware, the vinyl industry is in complete chaos right now and projects that used to take 8-12 weeks are now taking 16-20 weeks or more for completion, if everything goes smoothly. In fact one manufacturer currently has a turnaround of 30-34 weeks. The plating process is horribly backlogged and the market for vinyl records has been steadily increasing every year without the resources to back it up. It's a nightmare.


With that said, we did not anticipate this to happen "as quickly" as it did nor did we think the Mars Is Heaven LP would take this long as we've never experienced this in the nearly ten years of being a label. We are told though that only the 100 glow in the dark copies remain to be pressed so we know it's not far from them being here! We thank each and every one of you that ordered this LP for your continued patience and understanding. ❤

August 20, 2021 

Friday announcement and update time!

WASTED 027 Forbidden Dimension - Mars Is Heaven LP; in pressing and assembly stage

WASTED 028 Hockey Mom’s - Warming Up The Van LP; waiting on test pressings. Presale details to be announced down the road.

WASTED 029 Iron Tusk/The Knot No Howz 12” EP; waiting on test pressings. Presale details to be announced down the road.

WASTED 030 RISTRIKT - We Are All Just Human LP; waiting on test pressings. Presale details to be announced down the road.

WASTED 031 The Pagans of Northumberland S/T LP; submitting next week

WASTED 032 Forbidden Dimension - Shiv’s And Shrouds/Our Martian Heritage cassette; A reissue of the demo for Sin Gallery with updated artwork by the ultra talented Tom Bagley! Currently in production.

WASTED 033 Forbidden Dimension - Sin Gallery LP; Issued for the first time on vinyl with yet again, new artwork by the brilliant Tom Bagley! Waiting on test pressings. Presale details to be announced down the road.

August 5, 2021 

The "growing trend" these days of LPs being late from the supplier has mildly affected us as well. With that said, we have some updates for the LPs we are all waiting for.


WASTED 024 - The Moröns-Today's Special; We are told that they were to be on the press a couple weeks ago and expect them to be assembled and shipped out to us anytime now.


WASTED 026 - Me The Guts-Spilt Guts Over Rough Cuts; These LP's are out now!!!


WASTED 027 - Forbidden Dimension-Mars Is Heaven; Tests pressings are on their way to us. If all is good, we are still hoping for a late August release but can spill into September with all the holdups there have been. VIP packs all next to gone and t-shirt preorders end August 7th.


SNFU via Chase The Glory; We have all variants in for the second pressing of Better Than A Stick in the Eye which have been delivered and shipped out to individual orders. A Blessing But With It A Curse is still in transit and will be shipped out ASAP.


We have five more projects in production as we speak so stay tuned in for announcements in the near future!


Our customers are our first priority - that’s why we want to keep you up to date on changes that effect you. Thank you 

July 31, 2021 

We are stoked to announce the newest additions to our family! Please welcome Iron Tusk and The Knot No Howz to the team with their upcoming 12" EP split set for release in October!


May 25, 2021 


PREORDER ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Save the date of June 05, 2021 at 12:00 pm MDT for preordering Forbidden Dimension’s album Mars Is Heaven for the first time on vinyl. Remastered and with brand new artwork by the brilliant @jphibes!

Limited to 100 copies on neon blue, yellow/green, and magenta, 100 on neon green, and 100 on glow in the dark off-white with red splatter (Bloodshot eye)!

Alongside the LP release is a reissue of the 1990 cassette limited to 100 copies with updated cassette art on sexy neon translucent green shells with violet pad print.

Also available will be some nifty unisex shirts with glow in the dark eyes and teeth! Lastly, we are offering a VIP pack to get it all!


May 06, 2021 


What a busy few days we've had! New to the WWR family is Forbidden dimension from Calgary, AB and we'll be starting things off with releasing their first album "Mars Is Heaven" for the first time on vinyl with new artwork! Including in this release will be a limited run of cassettes with original art to pay homage to it! There will be spectacular surprises included with this one!

Another addition to the family is a new band called Ristrikt from Edmonton, AB consisting of Rob Lawless, Mike Jak, Dave Bacon, and Garrett Kruger. Fast blistering punk rock to knock your socks off! Watch for their debut LP this summer.

Front cover cropped 300.jpg

April 07, 2021 


We are STOKED to announce the next three releases currently in production:

WASTED 024 - Moröns (Calgary, AB) with their album “Today’s Special” on a super limited run of 100 on red vinyl.

WASTED 025 - Nunchaku Masters/ D.F.C. (Brazil) split EP on cassette consisting of amazing Brazilian hardcore.

WASTED 026/FFR001 - Me The Guts (Saskatoon, SK) with their album “Spilt Guts Over Rough Cuts” on a limited run of 150 coloured vinyl. Co-released with @fixedfrequencyrecordlabel

April 06, 2021 
WASTED 023 - Calgary’s now defunct hardcore punk band Antisocial Club with their final lineup and at their prime. Reissued on a limited run of 50 translucent blue cassette tapes with sexy gold stamp ink! Includes all lyrics and more on a three panel foldout insert. Head to Bandcamp to download for free (or donation!) --BONUS FACT-- Members from the Antisocial Club would move on to form a tree of bands such as Spastic Panthers, Herd of Wasters, Vain Collapse, Mystery Squad, Xembryos, Mandible Klaw, and Total Wolf.
June 09, 2020 
Here we are amidst a pandemic with nothing to do, unless you are a musician. By the time this Covid-19 virus does it's rounds, there will be a plethora of new music to go through for our ear holes. We're here to help bring you some of that new music. As of now, we have our next four releases at the press. This early summer, we've got Midnight Gallows (Regina, SK) with their debut stoner doom LP "Attack Warning Red", Mandible Klaw (Calgary, AB) with their second full length LP "Mankind Grind", Flashback (Calgary, AB) with their new LP "Heathen of Influence", and Total Wolf (Medicine Hat, AB) with their second LP "Nobody Loves You". We have more releases coming out after these and we will keep you updated!
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