Herd of Wasters (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

Kris Webb - Guitar/vox, Bart Dutchak - Drums, Andy Kesslar - Bass/vox
Forming in early 2011, these over-aged adolescent punk rockers got drunk and recorded an album about their hatred of Michael Graves, stupid made up drinking games, and other nonsensical bullshit. Since then, they (slowly) matured and focused on writing about sexism, politics, human rights and people they hate. Despite the setbacks they've had and the long distance relationship of the band, these idiots are still writing and playing shows when they can. 


Rhubarbs (Edmonton, Alberta)

Mike Martin - Bass/vox, Mike Danyluk - Guitar, Patrick Birch - Drums/vox
These punk rock and rollers have been making noise since 2010 with their 70s and 80s crossover Rock 'n Roll sound. With obvious inspiration from Naked Raygun to Death From Detroit, the Crack, Motorhead, and more. Every song is powerful in your face explosive Canadian Rock 'n Roll.


Mystery Squad (Canora, Saskatchewan)

Bart Dutchak - Drums, Kris Webb - Bass, Kurt Krotenko - Guitar/Vox

Formed in 2012, the band features members of the Saskatoon band "Herd of Wasters" and two members of the now defunct Calgary band "Antisocial Club". Heavily influenced by 80's hardcore punk and bands like SNFU, Nomeansno, Bad Religion, 7 Seconds, Wu Tang Clan and mid 90's hip hop.


Xembryos (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

Andy Kesslar - Drums, Rich Belhumeur - Guitar, Brendo Kolebaba - Vox, Brittany Tkachuk - Bass

This four piece has a hard on for Turbonegro and it shows in their own style of punk rock and roll with a ton of catchy riffs and melodic hooks. 


Western Death (Medicine Hat, Alberta)

Neil Schutte - Guitar, Jason Bergeron - Guitar, Derek Griffin - Bass, Jim Rizzling - Vox, Chad Shiebelbein - Drums

Fast, heavy, modern punk metal from the old school underground. Dubbed the "new SNFU" of Alberta. They aim to please, and please they do.


The Lunatic Touch (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

Rock & Roll band from Saskatoon, formed August 2017. Ex-members of Sleaze Patrol, The Split Lips, and Shockflesh. Influences include The Gun Club, X, The Cramps, The Damned, The Saints, The Adverts, LOTNC, The Birthday Party........


Total Wolf (Medicine Hat, Alberta)

Colton Weisgerber - Guitar, Bart Dutchak - Drums, Total Jeff - Vox, Cyco-Zee - Bass

Four dudes make up this punk, thrashy, old school, crazy train of fast, loud music from Medicine Hat. Each member bringing in a different flavor of genre that they grew up with. From punk rock, to thrash metal, to death metal, and hard-core. Total Wolf has one mission and that is to blast your ears with shredding riffs, unrelenting drums, thundering bass, and catchy sing-along lyrics and harmonies.


Tarot (Medicine Hat)

Connor Day - Guitar/Vox, Zach Doble - Drums, Conner Thompson - Bass

This next generation three-piece is bringing hope to the scene with their stoner rock and roll. Heavy, sludgy riffs and powerful drum beats that go hand in hand with a joint or two.


Midnight Gallows - (Regina, Saskatchewan)

Jason Thiry - Guitar/Vox, Mitch Rogers - Drums

Risen from the ashes of Royal Red Brigade, these two veterans have cooked up a tasty treat for your ears. Add 1 Cup of Doom, 2 Tbsp of Stoner Rock, Mix dry with some riffage then add the HEAVY. Cover with foil and bake for eternity at 666°F.


Mandible Klaw (Calgary, Alberta)

Niall Howell - Bass, Dave McAuley - Guitar, Steve Benz - Vox, Mikey Blotto - Drums, Justin Courtney - Guitar

These beasts of punk rock, whose musical style draws on the sound and energy of late 70’s / early 80’s punk rock such as Poison Idea, Bad Brains, No Means No, Agent Orange and the Ramones, will leave you wanting more if your record player doesn't explode from the energy of their albums. 


Flashback (Calgary, Alberta)

Aidan Desmarais - Guitar/Vox, Gabe Lagasca - Bass, Jacob Chase - Guitar, Lucas Macleod - Drums

This stoner/hard rock band has been around since 2016 with a few releases under their belt. Their latest release Heathen of Influence will be available on vinyl summer of 2020.


Citizen Rage (Calgary, Alberta)

Mark Russell - Vox, Chase Hamilton - Drums, Ross Ferguson - Guitar, Mikey Bastard - Bass, Sean Adam - Guitar

Established in 2014, this hardcore punk band is about to release their sixth EP this summer and it's relentless like the rest. Citizen Rage thrives on tearing apart controversial topics with musical prowess in pursuit of social change.



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