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Motherfuckers (Calgary, AB)

Dan Izzo - Vocals,  Sean Hunter - Bass,  Matt McDonald - Guitar, Tim Whelan – Drums

If you were ever a punk rocker in Alberta, you’ve probably seen the Motherfuckers whether you wanted to or not.  From their humble beginnings opening $5 hall shows to their long-standing residency at the dearly departed Castle Pub, these guys have been a Calgary institution for the last 25 years.


Despite numerous line-up changes prior to 2012 (9 “ex-members” at last count), countless setbacks and a steadfast refusal to do anything the easy way, the Motherfuckers now have an 11 year running line-up that contains ¾ of the original group and continue to provide their fans with relentless, hard-hitting punk tunes. Their recorded output (Three full-lengths, a four-way split, two EPs  and some compilation tracks) runs just over an hour and a half, and their live sets promise a night of fast paced, frenzied, in your face punk rock.


Since 2008 the Motherfuckers have toured between British Columbia and Quebec 5 times, making friends, winnning over crowds, and leaving a trail of spilled beer and poorly printed t-shirts in their wake. In this time they’ve shared the stage with everyone from Wesley Willis and Thor to the Planet Smashers, Dayglo Abortions, Dwarves and countless others. Whether they’re playing a community hall, a hot dog restaurant, or the hottest nightclub in Medicine Hat, the Motherfuckers provide an experience that won’t soon be forgotten.


After two years in isolation, the boys are back with a vengeance, ready to celebrate their 25th anniversary with some new tunes and the most ambitious tour yet. Come join them as they pave a path of drunken mayhem from Vancouver to Halifax, and all points in between!

Off The Top Rope (Saskatoon, SK)

Myles Stoesz - Guitar/Vocals,  Bob Grant - Bass,  Kris Webb – Drums

Off The Top Rope is a wrestling based three piece punk band from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan formed in 2016. Since then, they have recorded and self released two demos, one live album, and played with numerous acts like SNFU, The Pack AD, Joe and the Shitboys, Sgt. Papers, as well as opening for comedian Brian Posehn. They have been described as having “an unabashed love of bashy pop-punk playfulness that’s only eclipsed by their thrashing, snot-addled clench-core.” (Chris Morin, Ominocity)

The Devil's Sons_web.jpg

The Devil's Sons (Edmonton, AB)

Brad Graves – Guitar/Vocals,  Rob Stevenson – Keyboards/Vocals,  Fernando D’Los Diablos – Bull Fiddle/Vocals,  Carman Jak – Guitars/Vocals,  Johhny Crash – Drums

"Playing psychotic Rock n’ Roll with elements of punk, metal and of course psychobilly, they create demonic sounds resonating from the belly of the beast himself."


Crystal Mess  (Calgary, AB)

Farron : Vocs / Dave : Git / Colin : Bass / Mike : Skins

"While punks and metalheads both owe their existence to the instigators of the ‘80s, the majority of Calgary’s heavy music community was either unborn or unaware of these styles of music when they were first emerging. Crystal Mess on the other hand is a group of true ‘80s thrashers that are continuing Calgary’s crossover tradition."


Bats Out!  (Regina, SK)

Scott - Vocals / Mark - Guitar and Vocals / Jay - Bass and Vocals / Brock - Guitar and Vocals / Jeremy - Drums

While Bats Out! could never be accused of being prolific in terms of recorded output, anyone who has seen them live has walked out wishing they could have the entire set list in LP form for home enjoyment. With the upcoming release of the Bats Out! full length, those wishes are closer to reality than ever. Available soon!


The Pagans Of Northumberland  (Calgary, AB)

Clayton - Guitar/Vox, Mike - Bass/Vox, Tim - Drums, Joel - Guitar/Vox

"Comprised of team mates and old friends Calgary's punk rock diehards - The Pagans of Northumberland come from an exceptional pedigree of Canadian punk rock bands including Knucklehead, The Mad Cowboys, Chixdiggit and The Mother Fuckers. Their songs are straight forward Punk with a lyrical spectrum of social/political issues as well as religion and football (not always mutually exclusive)."

Image to lay over or replace skelletons on the back cover.jpg

Ristrikt  (Edmonton, AB)

Rob Lawless - Vox, Dave Bacon - Bass, Mike Jak - Guitar, Garrett Kruger - Drums

Four-piece hardcore punk rock band full of legends, debuting their new album with us and ready to blow you away!


The Knot No Howz  (Edmonton, AB)

The Knot No Howz emerged from a portal in a basement in a small town outside of Edmonton, Alberta. A unique blend best described as psychedelic stoner punk. Take a wild ride beyond the grips of time and space


Iron Tusk  (Siksika Nation, AB)

Carlin: Drums, Buddy: Bass/vocals, Ty: Guitar/vocals

Those workingman’s blues just got a whole lot Redder. Drawing on their shared experiences as sons, brothers, husbands, fathers and friends, Iron Tusk filters a maelstrom of modern conundrums through an electrified plain of post-punk angst and heavy metal fury.


Hockey Moms  (Lethbridge, AB)

Cole Parkinson - guitar
Macaulay Carefoot - bass/vocals
Greg Lait (G.G. Scallywag) - drums/vocals
Mac Dahl (Mac Whippersnapper) - vocals

Hailing from Coledale/Lethbridge, these punks are influenced by the raw power of 80's hardcore and the catchiness of 90's pop punk. Right up our alley.


Forbidden Dimension  (Calgary, AB)

Jackson Phibes: 13 bloody axes, organs, growls & yowls
Virginia Dentata: Bombabooms, squeaks & chortles
P.T. Bonham: Tubular bells, tabular balls, subliminal whispers

"Canada’s longest running horror rock band, Forbidden Dimension started out in 1988. It was initially conceived as a one- man/one-off recording project, the result being a 7" EP "Into the Forbidden Dimension".
30+ years later, Jackson Phibes and his cronies are still stranded in the Forbidden Dimension with no escape in sight.


Me The Guts (Saskatoon, SK)

Derek K - Drums/Vocals, Josh C - Bass

Melodic punk rock from the prairie flatlands that will melt your shirts off!!


D.F.C. (Brazil)

Tulio Dourado Carlos- Lead vox, Miguel Ferreira - Guitar, Leonardo Ribeiro - Bass, Fabricio Cinelli - Drums

Punk hardcore / thrash band from Brazil, active since 1993.
DFC stands for Distrito Federal Caos and this band means business.


Nunchaku Masters (Brazil)
Too Lee-O - Lead vox/Bass, Visceral San - Guitar, Oscar San - Drums
Mysterious Thrash-Kung Fu-Core kings hailing from Brazil


The Moröns (Calgary, Alberta)

Robbie Morön - Lead vox, Davie Morön - Guitar/Backups, G.G. Morön - Guitar/Backups, Jonny Morön - Bass/Backups, J.C. Morön - Drums

The Moröns (Pronounced MOR-OWNS) are the self-proclaimed 'Quintessential Party Punk Band". Started in late 2017 and hailing from the depths of "Hick City" (Calgary, Canada), these spastic troglodytes were voted "Most Likely to Say Something Inappropriate at Grandmas House" for good reason. 

In 2019 they were somehow nominated for the ‘Best of Calgary’ award for ‘Live Act of the Year’ as well as the ‘YYC Music Awards’ for ‘Rock Recording of the Year’. Of course, they lost both in glorious fashion, but this is all new to them as they are usually shunned by critics and ignored by promoters completely. With their ‘don't take no shit from nobody’ mantra, the Moröns still always find a way to invade your brain and dry-fuck your earholes.


Quit It! (Calgary, Alberta)
Tyler Burton - Bass/Vox, Mikey Blotto - Drums/Vox, Jordan Barrett - Guitar/Vox, Spencer Jo Burgess - Guitar/Vox
Quit It! formed in 2020 when members of River Jacks set out to transition from their folk punk roots to a harder sound manifested by recent events. In a year that brought civil unrest on a global scale, the band has elevated its message to new heights.
Their music is hard-nosed, anthemic punk rock that gets your feet moving. All four members contribute lyric and vocal duties, and with their social message at the forefront of the writing process, they provide heart-pumping rock by committee.


Greybeard (Calgary, Alberta)
Amanda Bourdon - Bass/Vox, Casey Rogers - Drums, Guy Onreat - Guitar, Ross Andersen - Vox/Guitar
HEAVY METAL THUNDER \m/ Greybeard is a band hailing from the northern reaches of O'Canada! Combining elements of death, black, and prog, with a solid dose of classic metal and rock influences. Listen. To. It. Loud.


Spastic Panthers (2008-2016) (Calgary, Alberta)
Dan Izzo - Vox, Todd Harkness - Guitar, Niall Howell - Bass, Bart Dutchak - Drums (2008-2010), Mikey Blotto - Drums (2010-2016)
The Spastic Panthers formed from the ashes of Calgary punk heroes The Motherfuckers, Sheglank'd Shoulders and Antisocial Club in the winter of 2008. Combining the old school skate rock of Sheglank'd with the Nomeansno and Minutemen worship of Antisocial Club, the Spastic Panthers aren't just another dirtbag punk rock band full of meatheads pretending to be punk. Often described as sounding like The Freeze meets S.O.A.


Grand Lodge (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)
Cory Tremeer - Bass, Graeme Burke - Bass, Andy Kesslar - Drums
Hailing from the prairie wasteland that is Saskatoon, Grand Lodge pounds out a unique brand of instrumental rock featuring fuzzed out, reverb drenched, duelling bass guitars and pounding drums. Oh yeah, and the occasional sax solo.

CRPromoCoverPhoto - Copy.jpg

Citizen Rage (Calgary, Alberta)
Mark Russell - Vox, Chase Hamilton - Drums, Ross Ferguson - Guitar, Mikey Bastard - Bass, Sean Adam - Guitar
Established in 2014, this hardcore punk band is about to release their sixth EP this summer and it's relentless like the rest. Citizen Rage thrives on tearing apart controversial topics with musical prowess in pursuit of social change.


Antisocial Club (2002-2011) (Calgary, Alberta)
Kurt Krotenko - Vox/Guitar, Bart Dutchak - Drums/Vox, Naeem Khatri - Bass/Vox (2002-2004, 2006-2007), Justin Brown - Bass (2004-2006), Andy Wilkie - Bass (2007), Niall Howell - Bass (2007-2011) 
Now defunct, the Antisocial Club were inspired and influenced by the altruistic ethic and raw energy of bands like 7 Seconds, Minor Threat, Bad Brains and other early hardcore punk. They are uncompromising when songwriting, with having the mind set of: "We don't give a fuck what you like. If we like it, that's all that matters. We do it for the love."


Flashback (Calgary, Alberta)
Aidan Desmarais - Guitar/Vox, Gabe Lagasca - Bass, Jacob Chase - Guitar, Lucas Macleod - Drums
This stoner/hard rock band has been around since 2016 with a few releases under their belt. Their latest release Heathen of Influence will be available on vinyl summer of 2020.


Mandible Klaw (Calgary, Alberta)
Niall Howell - Bass, Dave McAuley - Guitar, Steve Benz - Vox, Mikey Blotto - Drums, Justin Courtney - Guitar
These beasts of punk rock, whose musical style draws on the sound and energy of late 70’s / early 80’s punk rock such as Poison Idea, Bad Brains, No Means No, Agent Orange and the Ramones, will leave you wanting more if your record player doesn't explode from the energy of their albums.


Midnight Gallows - (Regina, Saskatchewan)
Jason Thiry - Guitar/Vox, Mitch Rogers - Drums
Risen from the ashes of Royal Red Brigade, these two veterans have cooked up a tasty treat for your ears. Add 1 Cup of Doom, 2 Tbsp of Stoner Rock, Mix dry with some riffage then add the HEAVY. Cover with foil and bake for eternity at 666°F.


Tarot (Medicine Hat)
Connor Day - Guitar/Vox, Zach Doble - Drums, Conner Thompson - Bass
This next generation three-piece is bringing hope to the scene with their stoner rock and roll. Heavy, sludgy riffs and powerful drum beats that go hand in hand with a joint or two.


Total Wolf (Medicine Hat, Alberta)
Colton Weisgerber - Guitar, Jeff Barrett - Drums, Total Jeff - Vox, Cyco-Zee - Bass. Former: Bart Dutchak - Drums
Four dudes make up this punk, thrashy, old school, crazy train of fast, loud music from Medicine Hat. Each member bringing in a different flavor of genre that they grew up with. From punk rock, to thrash metal, to death metal, and hard-core. Total Wolf has one mission and that is to blast your ears with shredding riffs, unrelenting drums, thundering bass, and catchy sing-along lyrics and harmonies.


The Lunatic Touch (2017-2020) (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)
Rock & Roll band from Saskatoon, formed August 2017. Ex-members of Sleaze Patrol, The Split Lips, and Shockflesh. Influences include The Gun Club, X, The Cramps, The Damned, The Saints, The Adverts, LOTNC, The Birthday Party........


Western Death (Medicine Hat, Alberta)
Neil Schutte - Guitar, Jason Bergeron - Guitar, Derek Griffin - Bass, Jim Rizzling - Vox, Chad Shiebelbein - Drums
Fast, heavy, modern punk metal from the old school underground. Dubbed the "new SNFU" of Alberta. They aim to please, and please they do.


Xembryos (2013-2021) (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)
Andy Kesslar - Guitar, Brendo Kolebaba [R.I.P.] - Vox, Bart Dutchak - Drums, Brittany Tkachuk - Bass, Rich Belhumeur - Guitar
This five piece has a hard on for Turbonegro and it shows in their own style of punk rock and roll with a ton of catchy riffs and melodic hooks.


Mystery Squad (Canora, Saskatchewan)
Bart Dutchak - Drums, Kris Webb - Bass, Kurt Krotenko - Guitar/Vox
Formed in 2012, the band features members of the Saskatoon band "Herd of Wasters" and two members of the now defunct Calgary band "Antisocial Club". Heavily influenced by 80's hardcore punk and bands like SNFU, Nomeansno, Bad Religion, 7 Seconds, Wu Tang Clan and mid 90's hip hop.


Rhubarbs (2010-2018) (Edmonton, Alberta)
Mike Martin - Bass/vox, Mike Danyluk - Guitar, Patrick Birch - Drums/vox
These punk rock and rollers have been making noise since 2010 with their 70s and 80s crossover Rock 'n Roll sound. With obvious inspiration from Naked Raygun to Death From Detroit, the Crack, Motorhead, and more. Every song is powerful in your face explosive Canadian Rock 'n Roll.


Herd of Wasters (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)
Kris Webb - Guitar/vox, Bart Dutchak - Drums, Andy Kesslar - Bass/vox
Forming in early 2011, these over-aged adolescent freaks got drunk and recorded an album about their hatred of Michael Graves, stupid made up drinking games, and other nonsensical bullshit. Since then, they (slowly) matured and focused on writing about sexism, politics, human rights and people they hate. Despite the setbacks they've had and the long distance relationship of the band, these idiots are still writing and playing shows when they can.

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